If you’re looking for party coves with a great view and an adrenaline rush then chimney rock is the place for you. 

For many of us, there’s no place we’d rather be on a hot summer day than floating our boat in our favorite body of water. From lakes, bays, channels, and rivers to the vast open ocean, we’re always searching for the perfect place to drop anchor. Since many of you already know how to party on a boat, there’s only one question that remains: where to party? Get going set your navigation, these are some of the best party coves in the U.S.

Chimney Rock, Lake Martin, AL

First up on our list, we head down south to sweet home Alabama. Only accessible by water, Chimney Rock on Lake Martin is a popular hangout for adrenaline junkies of all ages. If you’re interested in doing a little cliff jumping, this is the place. With a 60-foot drop to the bottom, thrill-seekers won’t be disappointed. If you’d rather stay on the boat and drink a cold one, don’t forget to check out the scenery. You can’t miss Chimney Rock’s array of graffiti—a full collection painted by Auburn-Alabama rivals and other local teens to show off their school spirit.

Bridgewater Channel, Lake Havasu, AZ

If you’re looking for party coves, go to Lake Havasu. You won’t want to miss Bridgewater Channel, a half-mile stretch of waterway between London Bridge and Rotary Park. Famous for being featured on MTV’s spring break coverage not just once, but on multiple occasions, Lake Havasu isn’t for the faint of heart. For boaters who aren’t quite ready to get into the “spring break” mindset, we’d suggest avoiding Lake Havasu around the month of March. Otherwise, this 43-sq. mile-long body of water is one of the State’s most popular recreational attractions with water temperatures ranging between 75-85 degrees.

Devil’s Cove, Lake Travis, TX

Last but not least, we round up our list at Devil’s Cove on Lake Travis. You know what they say; everything’s bigger in Texas, so we expect a lot out of this party cove. Luckily, Devil’s Cove doesn’t disappoint. Forget party boats, instead, think party barge. Then, add waterslides, sound systems, barbecue pits, and margarita machines.