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Best Party Coves in the U.S. (Part II)

These spots are some of the best party coves in the United States.

Holiday Isle Sandbar, Islamorada, FL

Just off Route 1 going south through the Florida Keys, you’ll find one of the best party coves. The Holiday Isle sandbar in Islamorada. Also, home to the well-known Kokomo Resort.  Which is said to have served as inspiration for the Beach Boy’s hit tune. Islamorada is about as close to paradise as you can find within the States. 

Locals and tourists from across the Keys join in the fun as flocks of boats come together at the sandbar for a day filled with sand, sun, and lots of booze. This is a place that knows how to party. If you are in the mood for a celebration, come here.

Harmon Creek Party Cove, Lake Cumberland, KY

Winner of the Guinness Book of World Record’s “biggest boat tie-up,” Harmon Creek Party Cove on Lake Cumberland has more to brag about than just linking 1,651 watercraft together. It also happens to be host to one heck of a party scene. When the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day rolls around, there’s only one spot to be in Kentucky. With over 90 miles in length, 1,100 miles of shoreline and an average depth of 90 feet, there’s lots of room to party.

Put-In-Bay, South Bass Island, OH

The “Key West of Lake Erie” can be discovered at Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island. For this party cove, you won’t have to make the trip down Route 1 to Mile Marker 0 if you’re in search of tank tops, game fishing, and breathtaking sunsets. Much like its southern counterpart, the “Key West of Lake Erie” seems to be a slice of Ohio paradise that’s frozen in time. Laid-back vibes and strong-handed pours make Put-in-Bay the perfect spot for your next summer getaway. But don’t misjudge this relaxed crowd. When the sun goes down, they’ll be dancing, grooving, and partying at one of the best party coves in America. 

Playground for Adults (Part V)

While you’re visiting your adult playground at Chicago’s Lakefront take a trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Chicago’s Lakefront – All of It

One vital aspect of the creation of any playground is the inspiration for repeated use. There should always be more to do than that which can be done during a single visit. Our creative parts should almost never feel as though each possibility has been used. Chicago’s well-known lakefront truly fits this description as well. 

Bring a bike or put on your hiking shoes and enjoy many locations along the lakefront’s 18-miles of well-maintained trails. Along the way, check out at a museum or two, visit the free Lincoln Park Zoo, take in a round of tennis or golf, chill on the beach, or rent a kayak and get out into the lake.

The MOMentum Adult Playgrounds in Washington State

As fun and expansive as Chicago’s Lakefront is, Adult Playgrounds must focus on the needs of certain individuals. That’s what MOMentum does. They are a non-profit supporter of outdoor fitness parks dedicated to helping parents be active while their children play. 

The parent-friendly adult playgrounds in three parks in Washington State (Marymoor Park, Les Gove Park, and Bitter Lake Reservoir Park), with low-impact cardio and strengthening equipment. By giving parents the chance to be physically active while being attentive to their children playing nearby, MOMentum’s adult playground equipment encourages an increase in playground usage by fun-loving people of any age.

 Louisville’s Mega Cavern

There are, of course, spots where you may want to leave the younger children at home. Mega Cavern in Louisville, KY is such a place. Mega Cavern is an adventure park with a big twist. 

Everything is beneath around 100 feet of thick limestone. The roomy man-made cavern has the world’s only fully underground zipline course, a challenging ropes course and a 320,000 square foot bike park with 45 different trails of many difficulty levels. Challenging and fun, Mega Cavern is a good example of the distinct places and playgrounds available to adults.


Which Motorized Boat is Best for You? (Part I)

Finding the right motorized boat is essential to get the most use out of it and to enjoy it to it’s fullest potential.

Regardless if you’re a novice boater who’s still trying to figure out elementary boat terminology or an old salt who remains in tune with the latest boat design trends, you might know that picking the perfect motorized boat for you and your family is no easy task.  

You can break various types of boats down into dozens of categories. Though, chances are that regardless of what you enjoy doing out on the water when determining what sort of boat is right for you, one of these choices is going to be the best.


Bowriders are one of the most well-liked boat types on the water. It’s no surprise that you can use this multipurpose design for anything from day-tripping to water skiing. And while in the past bowriders were limited in scope and size, recently we’ve seen a push towards bigger models, usually with accommodations ranging from enclosed heads to full-blown cabins. 

The most exciting example is the Four Winns H440, a huge motorized boat with a bow cockpit accessed by walking through a saloon with niceties like a settee and full galley. Other huge bowriders that have hit the market lately include the Sea Ray SLX-R 400e.


This class has a vast range of different sizes and styles. In its most basic form, a cruiser is any powerboat with overnight accommodations, a galley, and the power to take you to new and distant ports. They typically have relatively fast cruising speeds. They can go anywhere from 30’ or so on up into the 100’ mega-yacht sizes. Most are powered with sterndrives, inboards, or pod drives, though there are also a couple of outboard-powered cruisers out there.

Freshwater Fishing Boats

Regardless if you want to go trolling for lake trout or casting for bass, a freshwater fishing boat is a must-have.

The Basics of Drag Racing (Part II)

Learning the basics of drag racing are important for both drivers and spectators so that everyone has fun and stays safe.

Reaction Times

Keep in mind that the tree counts down at five-tenths intervals. The reaction time stated is the time that the vehicle took to move off the starting line compared to when the last amber bulb lit up.  Reaction times are essential to the basics of drag racing. 

The Race

With every racer leaving the start line together, the finish line decides the winner. A series of infrared beams across each lane measure incremental times during the race as well as top speed.

The total time of the race for every lane is recorded and announced as the E.T. or elapsed time followed by the top speed for every vehicle. The clock begins when the car leaves the start line, not when the green goes on. The reaction time is recorded separately to tell how long a vehicle waited to leave while the E.T. shows how long the race was. Putting these numbers together as a “package” will tell the winner every time.

The Finish Line

After crossing the finish line, the driver eases off the accelerator and slowly applies the brakes in the shutdown area while remaining in his own lane. Drivers must try not to skid. The car in the left lane makes a left turn exit first followed by the right lane driver. This offers a safe exit for both vehicles. No driver must never, ever turn around on the track since there might be another pair of cars ready to begin the next race. A very important factor in the basics of drag racing. 

The Return Road

After the vehicles exit the track, they go back to their pit area using the return road. Racers can stop along the return road at a station called time slips where a track official will give the driver a printed slip that shows his times. The return road speed limit is just 5 m.p.h. 


Playground for Adults (Part IV)

Health Diagnostics Lab’s Indoor Slide

Research has shown how effective play can be at boosting productivity in any work setting. As with any effort, high-quality design directly affects how beneficial the play space will be. In other words, sticking a pool table in the corner of the office break room is not going to encourage employees to approach their work with any creative urgency. They need a real playground for adults. 

The researchers at Health Diagnostic Lab get this. This is why employees there has the choice of taking a slide when needing to get between floors. The sense of freedom and sudden change in perspective offered by the sliding experience can help refresh a frazzled mind, and lead to motivating breakthroughs not available to those taking the stairs. Here’s hoping this trend takes hold and that an office slide might soon be coming to your company. 

Playground for Seniors in La Marque, Texas

As noted, adult playgrounds can take-on several different shapes and forms. The ability to play creatively must be available to children of any age. Playground equipment designed for those entering their more senior years aids in keeping adults physically fit and facilitates the enjoyment of an active social life. The adult playground for seniors in Galveston County features equipment developed to increase balance and coordination while having a good time.

This playground for adults includes an arcade.

Ultrazone Laser Tag in Sherman Oaks, CA

Get ready to be competitive at Ultrazone Laser Tag, the ultimate spot for challenging your friends to a round of laser tag. The 30-minute games are a face-off between two teams, where each player must navigate the blacklight-lit arena with one shared goal: to rack up a high score and overtake the opposing team’s home base. Ultrazone also boasts an arcade, ideal for those looking to double down on the fun — or entertain themselves in between rounds. 

Playground for Adults (Part III)

How much fun would it be to operate one of these? Then visit this playground for adults in Las Vegas.

Dig This Construction Equipment Playground in Las Vegas

If digging around in the sandbox was more your thing as a kid, there’s no reason to change your ways now. Trade in the Tonka trucks for some fun at the Dig This playground for adults in Las Vegas. Featuring Caterpillar D5G Track-Type Bulldozers along with Caterpillar 3I5CL Hydraulic Excavators, this playground encourages you to spend your day building mounds, digging trenches, pushing and stacking tires, along with competitive challenges like “Bucket Basketball.

Atlanta’s Historic Banning Mills Adventure Park

Getting down and dirty is, of course, not everyone’s notion of a good time. The more adventurous at heart can walk, climb, and soar through the air at the Historic Banning Mills Adventure Resort. Featuring the world’s longest zipline canopy tour, climbing walls, an aerial adventure challenge park (picture a ropes course in the sky), horseback riding, kayaking tours, and hiking trails. 

There are lots to do for those who love to get out into nature and have some fun. It’s all for a great cause too. The many adventures provided to serve to help support historic preservation and nature conservation efforts. 

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts

If a pristine forest can deliver fun-filled adventures, why not turn a whole city into a playground for adults? Established in LA, California and now organized in a growing number of U.S. cities, Watson Adventures creates challenging scavenger hunts that help illuminate the historical significance and hidden gems present in the earth around us. 

Private and public scavenger hunts make use of museums, libraries, and both well-known and off-the-beaten-path landmarks situated throughout a metropolitan area. The benefits of interacting with our surroundings are well established, and this includes urban environments as well. Turning our favorite cityscapes into challenging and fun adult playgrounds is a great way to stay active while having fun.

Playground for Adults (Part II)

Having fun is easy at one of these playgrounds for adults.

Boston’s Lawn on D

Sometimes you don’t have to have a whole city to have fun. Created as an experimental outdoor space, Boston’s Lawn on D is made to test ideas for developing fun environments for grown-ups. The playground for adults has been successful way beyond expectations. Local residents continue to go to the color-changing hoop swings that encourage interaction. There are also friendly games of frisbee, cornhole, bocce ball, and ping-pong to enjoy too. Live music, local food trucks, and an outdoor beer garden help keep the atmosphere festive and fun.

City Museum of St. Louis

Not every adult playground needs the same stress on physical health. There are plenty of places for adults to have a good time as well. One such destination for the kid-at-heart is City Museum located in St. Louis. Established within a former shoe factory, City Museum describes itself as an eclectic mixture of a funhouse, playground, surrealistic pavilion, and architectural marvel. This is the ultimate playground for adults to let your inner kid out. 

Highlights include a 10-story slide and a five-story slide, and an extravagant hand-crafted cave system that invites exploration. Though some fun-filled aspects of City Museum are permanent, several of the installations change. Which means a different adult playground might await multiple return visits.

Adult Playgrounds and You

Environmentally friendly, well-designed, and visually pleasing playground equipment should be an available resource for everyone’s benefit at all ages and stages of life. Nearly everyone could benefit from getting out there and taking advantage of the adult playgrounds available in their area. Playground equipment provides extensive intellectual, physical, emotional and behavioral benefits. 

A thoughtfully planned playground can inspire hours of activities that encourage active movement, creative exploration, and the development of social skills. If you can, take some time, get out, and enjoy one today.


Playground for Adults (Part I)

Finding a playground for adults shouldn’t be hard to find.

We are all lucky to live in an age of expansive play. Adult playgrounds and comparable facilities are available in the U.S. for most anyone’s enjoyment and benefit. Everyone serves as evidence that parks, playgrounds, and even businesses are increasingly paying attention to the child inside us all so finding a playground for adults isn’t hard to find. 

Most of these spaces go well beyond encouraging a child’s play for adults. The adult playgrounds highlighted below facilitate both creative and challenging activities that can help us stay in shape mentally and physically. Here are some playgrounds for adults you must visit. 

San Jose’s Rotary Play Garden

This recently opened state-of-the-art playground in San Jose is made to motivate kids of all ages to actively explore the environment around them. Though children might get the most excited, specific features have been included to be sure that adults have a good time while joining in on the fun. 

Spinning, swinging, climbing and rocking equipment is situated throughout the play area while various types of tactile materials inspire creative exploration. A real community park must be accessible to all. The San Jose Rotary Park serves as a good example of how top-quality design can create a fun-filled space for the enjoyment and benefit of everyone.

Miami’s Fitness Zones

Fun, free, and beneficial, do you need any more reasons to be outside? Miami-Dade Parks was one of the first in the nation to have easy-to-use outdoor gym equipment accessible to everyone. Effective at inspiring an increase in physical activity, the equipment is similar in nature to that in private gyms and freely available for all to use. 

The innovatively designed playground equipment has proven popular with local adults of all ages thanks to the city of Miami. If this specific style of a playground for adults isn’t near you now, you can anticipate one to be coming soon.

Which Motorized Boat is Best for You? (Part III)

Allow this guide to assist when choosing a motorized boat.

Watersports Boats

Water skiing, wakeboarding, and the latest watersports craze, wake surfing, are all enjoyed behind the porthole of a watersports motorized boat. Also referred to as “towboats,” this genre has a towing point for watersports. Which is usually elevated on an arch or a pole that mounts at or near the transom. The greatest and latest models, such as the Mastercraft X26 or the Super Air Nautique G25, can be supplied with special trim tabs and water ballast tanks that let you increase wave size and even “shape” wakes for better boarding and surfing.

The downside to devoted watersports boats is a lack of versatility. Sure, you can still take one across the river to your preferred restaurant. But activities like overnighting, fishing, and (due to increased draft) even beaching the boat are somewhat impractical. 

Motor Yachts

Just where does one draw the line between a motor yacht and other sorts of cruisers? It’s debatable, but most folks would agree that once you go past the 50-foot mark with boats like the Outer Reef 580, much less a boat like the Princess 75 Motor Yacht, the term truly applies. And while the price tag for a real motor yacht can be very extreme, when it comes to luxury, you can’t beat this sort of cruiser.  Do some research on Motor Yachts are the Best Luxury Cruisers to discover out.

Speed Boats

Speed junkies, get ready to rumble. Fast speeds are absolutely hair-raising when you experience them aboard a motorized speed boat.  While it’s true that speed boats do make plenty of sacrifices to squeeze out every possible MPH (cabins are small and lacking accessories to keep weight down, they’re usually quite loud, and only a few seats), if you desire a real thrill ride, there’s no substitute for speed than having a speed boat.


Which Motorized Boat is Best for You? (Part II)

With the many types of boats, there are, it can be overwhelming finding a motorized boat that’s right for you.

Pontoon Boats

Regardless if you are on a lake in Arizona or a bay on the Atlantic Seaboard, you’re most likely going to see lots of pontoon boats. Instead of riding on a fiberglass hull, this type of motorized boat has two or three aluminum “logs” they float on. Once upon a time, they were pokey and slow, somewhat ugly, and not very seaworthy. However, these are all issues of the past. Today, pontoon boats can be slick-looking, fast, and shockingly comfortable to ride on.


The term “runabout” is truly a catch-all that includes it all from bowriders to combination ski-and-fish boats to tiny speed boats. The thing these all have in common is that they’re small, open boats intended for day use in good weather. And while their exposed nature will be thought a drawback by some boaters, it should be thought an advantage, too. You don’t buy a boat to get away from the sunshine and spray.

Saltwater Fishing Boats

If you enjoy prowling the mangroves for redfish and snook, ply the rips for striped bass, or run offshore in search of marlin and tunas, there’s a saltwater fishing boat in your time to come. This type of motorized boat comes in a very broad range of boats.


Trawlers enjoy a tiny but dedicated following. These are slow-and-steady cruisers, made after commercial fishing trawlers but constructed today with range and comfort foremost in mind. They’re usually single-engine boats that perform most effectively at relatively slow speeds of seven or eight knots. Though, many also have the energy to get on a plane and run at or close to 20 knots, although at the sacrifice of efficiency when a fast return to port is necessary.

Trawlers come in several different sizes, going from boats like the Beneteau Swift 30, to the opulent Nordhavn 52.

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