Finding a playground for adults shouldn’t be hard to find.

We are all lucky to live in an age of expansive play. Adult playgrounds and comparable facilities are available in the U.S. for most anyone’s enjoyment and benefit. Everyone serves as evidence that parks, playgrounds, and even businesses are increasingly paying attention to the child inside us all so finding a playground for adults isn’t hard to find. 

Most of these spaces go well beyond encouraging a child’s play for adults. The adult playgrounds highlighted below facilitate both creative and challenging activities that can help us stay in shape mentally and physically. Here are some playgrounds for adults you must visit. 

San Jose’s Rotary Play Garden

This recently opened state-of-the-art playground in San Jose is made to motivate kids of all ages to actively explore the environment around them. Though children might get the most excited, specific features have been included to be sure that adults have a good time while joining in on the fun. 

Spinning, swinging, climbing and rocking equipment is situated throughout the play area while various types of tactile materials inspire creative exploration. A real community park must be accessible to all. The San Jose Rotary Park serves as a good example of how top-quality design can create a fun-filled space for the enjoyment and benefit of everyone.

Miami’s Fitness Zones

Fun, free, and beneficial, do you need any more reasons to be outside? Miami-Dade Parks was one of the first in the nation to have easy-to-use outdoor gym equipment accessible to everyone. Effective at inspiring an increase in physical activity, the equipment is similar in nature to that in private gyms and freely available for all to use. 

The innovatively designed playground equipment has proven popular with local adults of all ages thanks to the city of Miami. If this specific style of a playground for adults isn’t near you now, you can anticipate one to be coming soon.