Having fun is easy at one of these playgrounds for adults.

Boston’s Lawn on D

Sometimes you don’t have to have a whole city to have fun. Created as an experimental outdoor space, Boston’s Lawn on D is made to test ideas for developing fun environments for grown-ups. The playground for adults has been successful way beyond expectations. Local residents continue to go to the color-changing hoop swings that encourage interaction. There are also friendly games of frisbee, cornhole, bocce ball, and ping-pong to enjoy too. Live music, local food trucks, and an outdoor beer garden help keep the atmosphere festive and fun.

City Museum of St. Louis

Not every adult playground needs the same stress on physical health. There are plenty of places for adults to have a good time as well. One such destination for the kid-at-heart is City Museum located in St. Louis. Established within a former shoe factory, City Museum describes itself as an eclectic mixture of a funhouse, playground, surrealistic pavilion, and architectural marvel. This is the ultimate playground for adults to let your inner kid out. 

Highlights include a 10-story slide and a five-story slide, and an extravagant hand-crafted cave system that invites exploration. Though some fun-filled aspects of City Museum are permanent, several of the installations change. Which means a different adult playground might await multiple return visits.

Adult Playgrounds and You

Environmentally friendly, well-designed, and visually pleasing playground equipment should be an available resource for everyone’s benefit at all ages and stages of life. Nearly everyone could benefit from getting out there and taking advantage of the adult playgrounds available in their area. Playground equipment provides extensive intellectual, physical, emotional and behavioral benefits. 

A thoughtfully planned playground can inspire hours of activities that encourage active movement, creative exploration, and the development of social skills. If you can, take some time, get out, and enjoy one today.