How much fun would it be to operate one of these? Then visit this playground for adults in Las Vegas.

Dig This Construction Equipment Playground in Las Vegas

If digging around in the sandbox was more your thing as a kid, there’s no reason to change your ways now. Trade in the Tonka trucks for some fun at the Dig This playground for adults in Las Vegas. Featuring Caterpillar D5G Track-Type Bulldozers along with Caterpillar 3I5CL Hydraulic Excavators, this playground encourages you to spend your day building mounds, digging trenches, pushing and stacking tires, along with competitive challenges like “Bucket Basketball.

Atlanta’s Historic Banning Mills Adventure Park

Getting down and dirty is, of course, not everyone’s notion of a good time. The more adventurous at heart can walk, climb, and soar through the air at the Historic Banning Mills Adventure Resort. Featuring the world’s longest zipline canopy tour, climbing walls, an aerial adventure challenge park (picture a ropes course in the sky), horseback riding, kayaking tours, and hiking trails. 

There are lots to do for those who love to get out into nature and have some fun. It’s all for a great cause too. The many adventures provided to serve to help support historic preservation and nature conservation efforts. 

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunts

If a pristine forest can deliver fun-filled adventures, why not turn a whole city into a playground for adults? Established in LA, California and now organized in a growing number of U.S. cities, Watson Adventures creates challenging scavenger hunts that help illuminate the historical significance and hidden gems present in the earth around us. 

Private and public scavenger hunts make use of museums, libraries, and both well-known and off-the-beaten-path landmarks situated throughout a metropolitan area. The benefits of interacting with our surroundings are well established, and this includes urban environments as well. Turning our favorite cityscapes into challenging and fun adult playgrounds is a great way to stay active while having fun.