Health Diagnostics Lab’s Indoor Slide

Research has shown how effective play can be at boosting productivity in any work setting. As with any effort, high-quality design directly affects how beneficial the play space will be. In other words, sticking a pool table in the corner of the office break room is not going to encourage employees to approach their work with any creative urgency. They need a real playground for adults. 

The researchers at Health Diagnostic Lab get this. This is why employees there has the choice of taking a slide when needing to get between floors. The sense of freedom and sudden change in perspective offered by the sliding experience can help refresh a frazzled mind, and lead to motivating breakthroughs not available to those taking the stairs. Here’s hoping this trend takes hold and that an office slide might soon be coming to your company. 

Playground for Seniors in La Marque, Texas

As noted, adult playgrounds can take-on several different shapes and forms. The ability to play creatively must be available to children of any age. Playground equipment designed for those entering their more senior years aids in keeping adults physically fit and facilitates the enjoyment of an active social life. The adult playground for seniors in Galveston County features equipment developed to increase balance and coordination while having a good time.

This playground for adults includes an arcade.

Ultrazone Laser Tag in Sherman Oaks, CA

Get ready to be competitive at Ultrazone Laser Tag, the ultimate spot for challenging your friends to a round of laser tag. The 30-minute games are a face-off between two teams, where each player must navigate the blacklight-lit arena with one shared goal: to rack up a high score and overtake the opposing team’s home base. Ultrazone also boasts an arcade, ideal for those looking to double down on the fun — or entertain themselves in between rounds.