While you’re visiting your adult playground at Chicago’s Lakefront take a trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Chicago’s Lakefront – All of It

One vital aspect of the creation of any playground is the inspiration for repeated use. There should always be more to do than that which can be done during a single visit. Our creative parts should almost never feel as though each possibility has been used. Chicago’s well-known lakefront truly fits this description as well. 

Bring a bike or put on your hiking shoes and enjoy many locations along the lakefront’s 18-miles of well-maintained trails. Along the way, check out at a museum or two, visit the free Lincoln Park Zoo, take in a round of tennis or golf, chill on the beach, or rent a kayak and get out into the lake.

The MOMentum Adult Playgrounds in Washington State

As fun and expansive as Chicago’s Lakefront is, Adult Playgrounds must focus on the needs of certain individuals. That’s what MOMentum does. They are a non-profit supporter of outdoor fitness parks dedicated to helping parents be active while their children play. 

The parent-friendly adult playgrounds in three parks in Washington State (Marymoor Park, Les Gove Park, and Bitter Lake Reservoir Park), with low-impact cardio and strengthening equipment. By giving parents the chance to be physically active while being attentive to their children playing nearby, MOMentum’s adult playground equipment encourages an increase in playground usage by fun-loving people of any age.

 Louisville’s Mega Cavern

There are, of course, spots where you may want to leave the younger children at home. Mega Cavern in Louisville, KY is such a place. Mega Cavern is an adventure park with a big twist. 

Everything is beneath around 100 feet of thick limestone. The roomy man-made cavern has the world’s only fully underground zipline course, a challenging ropes course and a 320,000 square foot bike park with 45 different trails of many difficulty levels. Challenging and fun, Mega Cavern is a good example of the distinct places and playgrounds available to adults.