Allow this guide to assist when choosing a motorized boat.

Watersports Boats

Water skiing, wakeboarding, and the latest watersports craze, wake surfing, are all enjoyed behind the porthole of a watersports motorized boat. Also referred to as “towboats,” this genre has a towing point for watersports. Which is usually elevated on an arch or a pole that mounts at or near the transom. The greatest and latest models, such as the Mastercraft X26 or the Super Air Nautique G25, can be supplied with special trim tabs and water ballast tanks that let you increase wave size and even “shape” wakes for better boarding and surfing.

The downside to devoted watersports boats is a lack of versatility. Sure, you can still take one across the river to your preferred restaurant. But activities like overnighting, fishing, and (due to increased draft) even beaching the boat are somewhat impractical. 

Motor Yachts

Just where does one draw the line between a motor yacht and other sorts of cruisers? It’s debatable, but most folks would agree that once you go past the 50-foot mark with boats like the Outer Reef 580, much less a boat like the Princess 75 Motor Yacht, the term truly applies. And while the price tag for a real motor yacht can be very extreme, when it comes to luxury, you can’t beat this sort of cruiser.  Do some research on Motor Yachts are the Best Luxury Cruisers to discover out.

Speed Boats

Speed junkies, get ready to rumble. Fast speeds are absolutely hair-raising when you experience them aboard a motorized speed boat.  While it’s true that speed boats do make plenty of sacrifices to squeeze out every possible MPH (cabins are small and lacking accessories to keep weight down, they’re usually quite loud, and only a few seats), if you desire a real thrill ride, there’s no substitute for speed than having a speed boat.